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About us

Quantum Leap Solutions is a technology business specialising in content provision and digital product innovation within the horse racing and betting industries. The core QL team are senior ex-Racing Post digital product developers with over 100 years experience in this field and a proven track record in delivering award-winning products.

How we work

We tailor our processes to suit our clients’ needs, often working collaboratively to conceive, design, build and integrate unique products in conjunction with their own product teams. We have the skills to turn the germ of an idea into an exciting new product, to source and utilise data and content, and to solve the technical issues associated with building and integrating new products.

Who we work with


The arms race among bookmakers to develop new betting products and support existing ones with bet stimulating content continues apace. Working with Quantum Leap gives you access to your own innovation unit who are hugely experienced, highly expert and at the bleeding edge of the enhancement of the horse racing digital betting product offering.


Being ex-Racing Post there is little we don’t know about publishing racing information. What we do know is that it can be made more interesting and more empowering. Our products and content offer you the opportunity to enrich, differentiate and modernise the racing information you publish. At the moment you probably have what everybody else has. We can offer you what’s coming next.

Owners and trainers

The existing investment by major owners and trainers in IT systems to help manage and train racehorses is pitiful compared with businesses with similar turnover in other sectors. Somebody will change that to their advantage. We bring the unique combination of decades of experience in building IT systems to manipulate racing data and having trained and raced racehorses ourselves. We’d love to talk to you about creating some products to help you.

Racing authorities

Having built a number of horse racing data systems and used them to create both print and digital products, we have extensive expertise in the manipulation and analysis of racing data. The systems and reports you may have been told are not possible, we probably think are.

Serious punters

Our coding skills, unique and vast racing database and expertise in racing oriented predictive analytics has made it possible for us to invent insightful new data sets for horse racing. In addition, we are uniquely placed to help serious punters get answers to the questions they have neither the coding skills nor data to address. Contact us, we’d be happy to help.